M416 wiring Harnesses help!


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Good Morning!

I am not having any luck getting the trailer lights to work.

Could anyone please translate the following military wiring diagram: E6F6274E-4760-47E7-A31A-263324E8E0B2.jpeg

to this 5 wire (4 pin) diagram:F12B72A1-5295-4F24-9060-C1A3EAD5D442.jpeg
I would be very much appreciate it!

I have tried Green to 22-460; Brown to 21-489; Yellow to 22-461; Brown/Yellow to 24-484... and it didn’t work.

thank you!

Ovrlnd Rd

Try this:

Green wire = Right turn/stop light
Yellow wire = Left turn/stop light
Brown wire = Tail/marker/running lights
White wire = Ground

Military harness circuit # and Pin
22-460 Pin J = Right turn/stop light
22-461 Pin B = Left turn/stop light
21 Pin E = Tail/marker lights
90 Pin D = Ground

Generally the biggest problem with military trailers/equipment and electrical is going to be the ground. Make sure to disconnect the ground on the trailer and thoroughly clean it before reattachment.


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Thanks, @Ovrlnd Rd.

Still nothing lights up. The bulbs are 12v. Not sure if the harness if defective. Even with out grounds, lights should shimmer right? I just want to get the current flow through first.


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The original M416 wiring and connectors was a bit corroded on my trailer. I ended up rewiring the entire trailer. Lights would fade out, so I simply ran a ground wire connecting directly to the inner lamp housing. Now the lights are much brighter and do not fade. After hauling it over 1000 miles with about 11% of it off road, the lights work perfectly.


When I was rebuilding my M416A, I completely re-did the wiring. Using new wire connectors and a Nato plug to my Pinzgauer and also a 4 pin connector/adapter to be able to pull it with my Jeep. did not trust the original wiring. Installed new lights as well to match the Pinzgauer tail lights. I used 24V lights to work with the 24V system on the pinz and they were just a bit dimmer connected to the 12V Jeep but hardly noticeable.


The led bulbs are very low current drain and can ground issues.

You need to run the white wire from the Jeep frame to the trailer frame. Then you need to check each light to make shore it is grounded. Your issue may be your paint interfering with the grounds, where the ground wire connects to the trailer frame it needs to be cleaned to bare metal.

I have had ground issues with trailers that were converted to led.


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Thanks @quickfarms! It was a ground issue... and lights are working great now. However only the top two light bulbs work... running light and signal light.

I just realized that the trailer lights do not include reverse lights? It looks like my M416 tail light has a reverse light on the bottom there.


Ovrlnd Rd

Trailers generally don't have backup lights. I believe the spot you're indicating on the military light is for a "blackout" light. I doubt your civilian Jeep has a circuit for that.