M416 Trailer Lid


I am posting this to see if there is any interest from others in putting together a group purchase of a lid for your M416. The guy that is building one is located in Ft Worth, Tx so I am trying to find folks who could come get it as shipping is always the problem.

I do not have all of the details yet but I am going to see it this week and get more info and maybe more pictures. He is building this one for a customer who is having an ARB tent mounted directly to the top. As soon as that happens I will get additional pictures.

There have been numerous threads about producing these but I have never found anyone who is willing to do it on anything other than a one off. This guy is willing but backlogged for several months on other projects so we have time to put together a group deal if anyone else is interested. Looks like there is at least one maybe two others already interested in DFW area.

No firm cost yet and I am sure the more we get the better the price but better figure at least a grand and probably a little more. I know this is not for everyone but for those of us that are mechanically challenged it may be an option.

As you can tell it is not yet finished but will have two struts to hold it open and a latch system that is capable of being locked. I have talked to him about a gasket seal on the edge. In case you cannot tell from the pictures, this lid hangs over the edge to reduce dust and water intrusion.

He can do a rack as well although this one is probably not going to have one.

Tell me what you think.


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He is at $1200 but I am working to see about a price reduction if we get 5-6 persons to buy. Lawton isn't that far so I will keep this thread updated. Thanks.


Hello Don:

I'm absolutely interested and will buy - assuming the material is aluminum (sorry if I missed that in your post) and as long as there is sealing gasket.

How would you plan on distributing these? I'm near Albuquerque, NM and could possibly pick up several if there are others who'd want to pick them up from me in Albuquerque - I'd bring them here with a small flatbed trailer. Cost would share my fuel expenses.

Best contact is snell AT mindspring.com

Thanks for setting this up.

Howard L. Snell


trailer lid

This is my 416 with lid being fabricated. Adam does do exceptional work and pays attention to detail. It is aluminum and will be rated to hold 400 + lbs. I will be installing an ARB Simpson III RTT with some other additions to come. Please pm me if you would like the contact information for the shop There also will be a safari style rack fabricated to mount on top of the lid.

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Had a chance today to go look at top and here is what I know and saw. Lid is all one piece of 1/8" aluminum. It has 2 bends on the sides and then the front is bent as well and the only exterior weld is the 4 corners where the metal meets. Overhang is 1". Total height is 5-5/8" including overhang. Finished top surface is 47" wide by length of trailer.

Gas struts are shown in pictures and are stock items that fit a Durango. Available at any parts store. Struts have a weld support in lid and are bolted to trailer with backplate. Handles are standard items screwed to metal.

I have asked Adam to work up prices, but for those interested the question will be "with hinges, struts, latches and handles" or "just the lid". It will make a price difference.

Lid comes off by disconnecting struts, opening lid all the way and sliding to the rear to disengage hinges.

I asked Adam on the weight and he says the 2 of them in the shop can pick it up and he estimates 50 -60 lbs.

Adam is at least 2 months out before he can start this project and he would like to do them all at once to save time, money, and shop space.

Thanks to Brent for leading the way on this and having one built for his trailer.

Let me know if you are still interested.