M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab


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Considering their workmanship, shorter cables would probably mean wire nuts....
I checked with my friends, and the answer seems to be that that circuit is used to collapse the suspension so the loading height wouldcomply with KKK requirements. They used an odd way to say it, though.
Maybe but this cable is in the cab and there is another “Air Dump” cable on one of the nodes in the module.


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These are the current cable numbers I pulled off my rig. In case someone else with a Medic Master is chasing them. While the wiring locations may be different I imagine they kept the same cable/wire numbers across all builds.

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Whatever it is beats me. I checked with my ambulance electrician friend, and he's at a blank as well -- he commented that he never had to do much with the VMUX equipment except sometimes replace modules. I'll keep on asking other friends.