M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab


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Some of you will of seen my other thread with a conversion of the extra cab FL60 http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/118224-Freightliner-ambulance-conversion-project. (Old Yella).

Rather than get bogged down in that thread I have decided to start a new thread for our latest project. This one will be our 4th ambulance conversion in the USA (and we do have an ongoing build in Australia)

So we have just arrived in Florida to pickup the new rig. 2007 M2106 a freightliner crew cab with a Mercedes MBE906 and Allison 3000 EVS. Air brakes with 10 lug axles. Medic Master by American La France module. Big Red.

More photos and details to follow.

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It's got everything you've wanted! Except cruise control...

That, sir, is a nice looking rig. Love it - even love the roof-mounted remote control spotlight. I've looked at those and they're damned spendy.

Can I assume it'll be making a trek to Flagstaff for new bumper mounts?


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So after a couple of days driving it around Florida I have an attack list to attend to before we head off across the country.

  1. Low power and seems to have 1 or more cylinders not contributing fully under load. Seems to be more pronounced after running then sitting for a while. Hardly holds 65mph. Even the Florida hills will slow it down.
  2. Low air alarm continuously sounding and warning light on. Looks like instead of a $7 pressure switch like on the old ones this needs a AMU (Air Management Unit) at about $140.
  3. Air leak in the dash from the park brake valve or near it (will be done before replacing the AMU just in case its causing the problem).
  4. Low volts. Maximum I have seen in 12.8. Need to check alt and batteries. (this also bring up an alarm)
  5. Oxygen pressure low alarm. Need to find that pressure switch and bypass it.
  6. Dash panels and various other covers loose and missing screws. Creates a few rattles so we will try to sort that before we head out.
  7. No AC. Both units (this has the dash and an auxiliary for the cab along with a module AC running off the engine)
  8. Remove or cover the "Fire Rescue" logo's. Luckily these guys did a much better job of removing the county logo and there is little to no damage to the paint.
  9. Now according to SWMBO this is the most important. Replace the SCBA seat on the passengers side. Apparently the pillow stuffing to fill the hole is not cutting it for comfort. I was going to put the attendants chair in there for the trip but while at Freightliner I asked if they had any they had removed from other rigs. They didn't but since they had moved to a smaller shop they did have a couple of seats that had been on display at the other shop. Scored a $700 seat for $450. Still extreme in my view but "happy wife, happy life" so its worth every penny.
  10. Install my Silverleaf monitor. The display on the dash shows nothing and I want to be able to get the mileage, error codes etc. Cable was shipped straight from Silverleaf to the hotel and actually turned up on time. Bonus.
  11. Cruise Control. I have the switches (1/2 the price of the ones for Old Yella) just need to install them and hopefully get Freightliner to enable it.

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And just another quick photo. This is a feature I like and dislike. There is about 12" between the cab and the module. Not sure why. But I like it for the room it opens up to allow for a split unit AC condenser to be installed (and maybe move the engine driven aux cab/module condenser as well). But I don't like the small pass through. This will also be a great place for my sand mats (PSP/Marsden mats)

I thing I do like is the suspension setup on the cab. I will be investigating changing that to air ride depending on the cabling and bellows flexibility.

Cab module gap.jpg


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Ok just drove from Orlando to Gainesville. Maintains 70 easily enough. Maybe this one is just a bit more porky and not as responsive as the Cummins. Loving the size of the fuel tank. Not that I have actually filled it yet.


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Other observations. This thing is a dream to drive compared to the FL's. no shaking and a lot quieter. Even with the low air alarm, low oxygen alarm and something causing a speaker for the intercom or something to feedback.

I changed out the seat for the missus. A bit of a struggle in the Home Depot car park. One of the captive nuts broke away under the body so I had to remove the windshield washer bottle and perform pole dancer style gyrations to both hold the nut and turn the bolt. The patrons of Home Depot probably thought "that guy really loves his truck". And now the seat is too high and too far forward but it will do for this trip.

And as usual for me and long trips. No bloody AC.


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Florida and no AC? ouch.

Good luck with the trip home. Ill be following along on your build

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