M1101 ?'s


For some reason I have been bit by the M1101 bug. I am looking for someone to talk me into or out of getting one. I currently have a JKU with 3.73s. They seem to be pretty heavy for long trips with the jeep (for good reason due to intended use). I guess I have a few questions for you all:

Is it possible to put one of these on a diet and start removing things to cut weight? (if so how much has anyone been able to remove)

Are there better options in military trailers out there to be pulled by a JKU (or a 2020 Gladiator that might happen in the near future :unsure:)

Do you think it would be possible fit a set of Timbren Axles to it? I was thinking that would open it up between the axles to put a custom water tank between the hubs.

Thanks in advance for any opinions.

The rough math is 450 lbs for the trailer bed, and another 600 lbs for a lightened trailer chassis + suspension (frame, 3500 lb axle, 3500 lb brakes, tires and wheels to match the tow vehicle, etc.)

I’m dumping the heavy 450 lb military bed and swapping in a 250 lb Sears Bradley bed. I’m also shortening the frame by a foot, and putting an RTT on top.

I’ll post a build thread in a few weeks.


Too bad, it looks like you are in Cal, I might buy the box from you. I was thinking of taking the bed and cut 12 inches out of the center, put it back together, and put it on a new frame with Timbrens. It would keep the look and the aluminum body (in MN is a nice thing to have).


M101 is a good option. Especially for a JKU. Track width is much closer to the Jeep's and it is pretty easy to take a bunch of weight off. I have a build somewhere on here, several pages back. Haven't really had time to work on mine much lately due to other things going on. Haven't had it out much lately. actually Oct was the last time.

I pulled off the surge brakes and replaced with a new axle with electrics. Also lightened up the tongue a lot. Set it up to run the same bolt pattern as the jeep, so have the ability to run the same wheel and tire combo now.510628