M101A2 trailer


I have two 101A2’s for sale

The first is in near perfect shape. Tarp in good condition, a couple tears, one where front and side panels meet, one on the back flap. New tires, surge brakes work, new paint. This one is in great condition. I have installed LEDs on underside of back bumper for simplicity. Can be removed and nobody would know. $1450

The other one looks as it did coming out of auction. Structurally sound, little if any rust on the tub (they are galvanized tubs, so they are pretty resistant). CARC is peeling in places, as with most 101’s. Surge brakes do not work, fiberglass sides and wooden bows in sad shape. 37” HMMWV wheels and tires. Tires 80%. Very solid trailer. $1000.

I can’t upload pics for some reason. PM me and I’ll get pics to you. I’m North of Dallas TX.


I have not taken pictures yet, here are a few that were on my phone from a while back.




I also have a steel topper that fits under the bows. It has two doors that swing out. When closed, it allows you to lock the doors and tailgate securing the entire contents of the bed.

I found this one picture. It’s a shop made top (made by the military). It’s heavy duty! But, it’s heavy. If you are looking for a lightweight topper, this ain’t it. $250 for the top. I’ll sell it with the trailer or on its own.

Has some surface rust, but it’s heavy steel, so, it doesn’t effect it.

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