M101 CDN 2

After converting 2 utility trailers into overland trailers I started my 3rd project with an M101 that I found locally and in very good shape.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

And the current project.

Stripped off the surface rust and repainted the whole trailer. Shocks and leafs are still good.
I’m not looking to dramatically change a lot.

I’ve removed the electrical wiring and original tail lights to replace with a simple 4 pin trailer plug.

I’ve also removed the mechanical hand brake as it would size and grind inside the housing.

Next up will be a lid build, a rack for my RTT, 2x jerry can mounts and a mount for a spare.

I’ve reduced the first build back to an off-road utility trailer with just the bed to haul stuff.

The other 2 (one #3 is complete) are rentable units.
Made some progress on the lid:

The rear is designed to mount a RTT in any direction. The front part is designed to hold either a Plano Box, random stuff or exactly 2 Scepter MFC’s laying down flat.


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