LX 570 rust photos - worrisome?


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Despite a GREAT Lexus service history and squeaky clean carfax, I dodged a bullet at the VERY last minute on a 570 in Washington state - beware of Auto Connections of Bellevue. I can elaborate if anyone is interested. Long story short - Carfax is not overly useful in the real word.

So searching for an LX570 specifically before the first of the year, I have found a few cars with what seems to be quite a lot of rust. One car that lived its entire life in Montana was a 2010 and a total rust bucket underneath.

Here is an 08 with 98K miles in Wisconsin (rust belt) that has a good service history and was offered as Certified Lexus 45K miles ago.

Salesman was kind enough to put it on a lift and send me these pics - curious if this just the norm for LX570's or if once again I should beware. Would you be leery of this car?

no idea why these are disoriented, but this is what I have thus far:



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I don’t see any rust issues with that one especially considering where it’s lived.