Lunchbox lockers!


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HI, my name is Connor and I have been addicted to jeep mods for about 2 years now

no, but thinking about a spartan or Aussie locker for the front and rear doesn't seem to hard to do and just probably would do it with the axles still on. just drain the fluid and get everything put. just wanted to know what your experience, i have a pretty tight budget but really want front and rear lockers I could care less about the clicking noise as long as that is a sign that it is working not that it's broken but yeah any and all help

just give me a good recommendation for front a rear drop-in auto locker
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I had a lockrite in the front of my TJ and YJ and in the rear of my Samurai. They weren’t difficult to install. Just dedicate the day to stinking like diff fluid.


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I've been running ARB for 20 years. Love them. Wouldn't change it unless your a sponsor that will pay for me to play. lol


I've got an Aussie in the front of my Jeep TJ (Detroit soft locker in the rear Dana 44). Pretty invisible when in 2WD. Sometimes you MIGHT hear it clicking when turning, but I've either tuned it out, or it just isn't that noticeable. Awesome when in 4WD.

I have Lock-rights in the front and rear of my 46 Willys CJ2A. Again; awesome traction. I have had zero issues with all of them.

I've had the Aussie in the TJ for about ten years now; the Lock-rights in the Willys for probably close to 25+ years (long time ago).


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Aussie in front - installed first and ran just that for years. Then installed a Spartan in the rear. Both made visible difference to the off-road ability of the Jeep. Absolutely no need to pull the axles to do the installations.


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Hey guys. Totally new here and not sure if this is the spot to ask this.
Currently looking at a 4Runner with rear e-locker and spartan in the front. Don’t know what to expect out of the setup.
Just asking any pros or cons or things I should know about the setup.
If this is the wrong spot for this question. I’m sorry


Ran an Aussie in my XJ for years and have one sitting here for my WJ front. Having installed several of them, I can say it's not that hard if you have done brakes and fluid changes.

If doing the rear, I'd recommend renting a slide hammer if you don't have one to pull the axle shaft out enough so the carrier can come out. Front - remove the bearing and pull the shaft out. I'd also recommend when pulling the bearing caps - keep them marked and put back as they came out and just follow the instructions. Figure a 5-7 hour job doing both axles on a Saturday.