LR3 with General X3's Installed.


Well today was an interesting day. I went to my friends tire shop and had my lr3 fitted with new tires. I had nitto's AT on them and could not stand their terrible drone anymore. The difference between them and new X3's are night and day! I should have done them sooner. I'll update everyone with new pics and driving details later. For the time being, I'm going to enjoy my nice quite LR3 cabin again.

BTW, Is there anyone else that had experience with these tires? My setup is 275/65 r18 with a stock ride height.


This would be the first set of 275/65’s I’ve heard of not rubbing at stock height. Pleas post pics !



I have been using them for the past couple of days, Great ride. Tires are stable, the lr3 Doesn't bounce all over. And the result, there is some tire rub. The front tires are ok and there is no perceived rub especially due to the Tactical rovers bumper. The rear does have some rubbing occur when the shocks compress hard or when there is a long left turn. I am going the safe route and ordered a proud rhino lift kit. For the record, They do work, it only rubs during high compression. Tolerances are tight but doable.

1. No binding or scraping even when the suspension is dropped into the lowest setting.
2. Rubbing only occurs when corning (may have more to do with my suspension needing an upgrade from the original rubber bushings and airspring).
3. Spend the 100 bucks and get the rod lift.
4. (complete deflation of airsprings not tested)

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.

Drivers side Rear wheel well:IMG_6156.jpegDrivers side front (Note: Intentionally dropped the suspension IMG_6163.jpegPassenger Side: Front wheel wellIMG_6162.jpegPassenger Side: rear wheel wellIMG_6157.jpeg
If you can also get a pic of the inside sidewall at stock height clearance to the upper control arm ball-joint and then another at full extension.

Clearance problems on LR3/4 are not just the steering rub on the frame rails and plastic from diameter, but also the change in width. Point is, some manufacturers say their tires are so wide, however, this is true under normal conditions and perfect tire-pressure only.

Good looking tire though, curious to see the reviews!