LR3 water ingress / aftermath (dead radio)


In the last 1-2 years I've had both my sunroof and front windshield replaced. After some serious rainstorms, I was greeted by a lot of water mostly in the passenger front footwell, and some of the center cubbies. I believe the main cause is the shoddy work the glass shop did when replacing the front windshield when replacing the two pillar trim/covers.


The passenger side nearly blew off in strong winds while driving on the interstate in a high wind area last year. At the time I noticed some of the clips were broken and after slapping it back on it's always howled a bit on the highway but hasn't leaked (much). Closer inspection shows the weather-stripping/rubber on these is pretty roached from the sun. Anyway I have a couple of replacements & new clips coming my way, but the radio....

It's stone dead, but the LCD still illuminates, but with no text. I'm planning to yank it out today, but is there any way to extract the CDs that are currently trapped inside? If I put in a used one, will I have to perform any magic tricks for the new radio to work i.e. enter a code or flash something?


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Leaks at the A-pillar are a known issue. The lowest clip connection should be taped over as shown here (black tape). Replace all the gaskets on the yellow clips and you’ll be good. If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to do the cowl intake cover as well.

Sorry, I cannot help with the radio.



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Sounds like your sunroof drain tubes are blocked. Leafs and dirt and gunk collect in the gutter around the sunroof (under the trim) and migrated down the very small drain tubes, and eventually plug them up. This in turn, causes them to back up and flood the sunroof gutters, typically creating a "waterfall effect" over your center console and down into your footwells. Happens to a LOT of vehicles, but the LR3 is particularly well known for this. Different ways to resolve. I used a plastic rod to snake out my drain tubes. Some people use compressed air. Some people snip off the ends of the tubes where there is a one way valve.

A brief sampling of YouTube videos on this:
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If you happen to be a cyclist, an old brake cable works great for the sunroof drain - blunt end down the top of the tube and work it till it comes out the bottom.


Turns out the tubes were plugged bad. I suspect that back when the sunroof shattered into a million little pieces it only excacerbated the problem. I had a shop do the job because with zero time or patience, the holiday crush plus impending days & days & days of rain in the forecast, there was no way I was going to get around to it.

Before that $$$ extraction from my wallet happened, I replaced the L/R pillar trim and while I was poking around looking for the leak, I discovered an ass load of leaves/compost had collected inside the passenger front door, towards the front/fender side. I think that crap somehow finds it way in there from any little gap under the hood, cowl/intake, etc.

Probably not good for anything


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