LR3 Trans Filter

It’s time to swap the trans filter in Victory. A while ago I ordered the filter and it’s been sitting on the shelf. I thought I ordered the two piece (Britpart) but I busted open the box and it’s the LR one piece plastic.

On that note, this is my first change on the truck as I had the filter done by the dealer when I bought it so I’m early on miles but want to get it done before the Western Rally.

What’s everyone’s take on the filter options?

1) Stay Stock and fight through the install?

2) Buy the two piece mod? Any concerns?

3) Is there other options out there I don’t know of?

I want to get this done before I leave for the Western Rally so I have a few weeks.

Thanks in advance!


2 piece all day long. Use a metal pan with drain plug(comes with shorter bolts), fel-pro metal gasket with rubber overmould, mechatronics sleeve connector, and genuine ZF filter for BMW.

I use Redline D6 synthetic ATF or BG Petrospecs Synthetic ATF. Both are rated and spec'd above ZF standards.

We might have an extra kit we can part with at the shop, or you can get the kit from AB, but they don't have the Fel-pro gasket, which I highly recommend.


Thanks for this, as I am going to be doing this job later this year, as I am creeping up on 150k miles.

LR Max

Local Oaf
I bought stuff from these guys:

Got the fluid from them. I've heard on fluid, there is a ford spec you can use since many ford vehicles use the exact same transmission. But from these guys you can get the genuine filter and genuine ZF fluid for reasonably priced.

I didn't mess with it, which worked out well because the shop had a ton of problems with mine.
Thanks for the links. I have a genuine on the shelf right now just thinking I may as well go with the two-piece mod right now and it will keep me honest and doing fluid changes at an earlier mileage since I am creeping up on high mileage now.

I've probably answered my own questions, just don't want to spend another $250 on a filter, pan, and ZF fluid when I have a perfectly good filter on the shelf. I guess I can just sell that one and recoup some of the money.

@Abran let me know when you are back in town and if you have a two-piece kit and fluid ready to go???