LR3 Tie rods???


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My driver side tie rod is clunking and I'm looking to replace both tie rods when I do my Trans service next week. Whats the benefit to the Tie rod kit that replaces the inner and outer tie rod as apposed to just replacing the outer tie rod ends? The Play and clunk is in the outer.

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Yes I know it the tie rod and not the LCA.

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I've pretty much always replaced the inner and outer at the same time. If you only do one end, it's only a matter of time before the other end wears out and you'll be right back in there to replace that, and you'll need to align the wheels (AGAIN). My LR3 eats tie rod ends like M&M's.


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I find the inners generally last twice as long as the outers. I do the inners every other time.
If you don't know when they were last done, I would do all four.
The kit usually comes with new bellows, or you can purchase everything separately.
I do find that some of the aftermarket bellows do not fit as nice as the oem bellows.
Yep; what they said!

I personally do everything if the job requires me to disconnect the control arms at the hub. Not saying you need to go both sides but if my left needs it, and it was not event driven like something broke from impact than you can assume the wear is similar to both sides under normal conditions. I would completely agree that inners last much longer but I keep full sets on the shelf.

Sweet picture by the way; love it! On that note, not sure what your mileage or normal wear is but by the looks of your picture you are using your LR3 appropriately and I would personally do both if I am paying for an alignment and keep your suspected "potentially life-left" inners on the shelf for spares and reset the clock if you are unsure on the current wear.

Also, check your wheel bearings with the tire on off the ground so you can check appropriate play in the wheel bearings and driveline; the wheel on gives you much better leverage than attempting to check from the hub only. When I check wheel bearings and tie-rods I support the vehicle at the control arms so it is representative of ride height and no tension from suspension travel. If that makes sense?


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Yep, get it done. Victory covered everything except I also recommend getting a $180 lifetime alignment deal at Firestone. I get it done once a year.

For hubs wiggle from 12 and 6 of clock on wheel if this is good then for tie rods wiggle from 3 and 9 o clock. If you only do 3/9 you won't know which is bad.