LR3 Tie Rods. Recommended replacement options?


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When I picked up my LR3 almost three years ago I replaced the tie rods (rods and ends) immediately as they were extremely loose. I checked on them again over the weekend and noticed that they're bad again. Is this a reasonable time frame for needing to replace tie rods (less than 3 years, less than 25k miles)? I need to replace these regardless and previously I had bought the standard option from Lucky8. Any recommendations for a longer lasting replacement somewhere else?


A few things here . . .

no, tie rods should not go every 25k miles
I have had my LR3 for almost 60k and never done mine. In fact, I am only just now needing to do the LCAs

I have heard mixed opinions on L8 items - some brands are unknown or undisclosed until you get them
Maybe this is something you want to spring for OEM (unless someone else with experience can recommend an alternative)


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I’ve had mixed experiences with aftermarket parts, so I decided to stick to OE for anything critical (suspension, drivetrain) or where the labor involved is high.

FCP Euro shows Lemförder as the OE supplier for your toe rods. They are $20 each for outers.

While it’s totally possible for aftermarket suspension parts to fail in 25k (I’ve had aftermarket wheel bearings fail within 10k, hence my OE-only advice), you should confirm you don’t have an issue with the inner tie rods or rack. The normal wheel check for quickly diagnosing an issue with the tie rods really only tells you a problem exists in that linkage (outer/inner/rack). You’ll have to remove the wheel and disconnect the tie rod from the knuckle to narrow your diagnosis.


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I appreciate the advice. Really just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy for being surprised about the failure. I'm hoping it is just the rod ends and not the inner but I'll have to check it out. I agree that steering should be an OE purchase. Thanks for the help.

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