Lr3 tail gate storage?


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There is a little space in there, but not a lot. The sub takes up a chunk, the latch mechasim (That is prone to breaking) has some and I dont recall much more room in there. It’s easy to open it up and take a look though, just a couple screws and remove the cable support ends.


yeah there's no room for enough stuff to make it worthwhile to configure. Kind of disappointing when I pulled it apart few yrs back for that exact idea.

There is however a massive volume available upon removing the 3rd row seats. I also fully use the 3rd row side window areas as bungie holding zones. Also a net suspended across whole rear 2 rows allows jackets and things to be up into the cavities where the windows are so high.


Under the last row seats. When I installed the FR shelf/drawers I use the area under for massive storage after removing the seats. Tailgate, not really any room.

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There really is no room in there. Its all taken up by the subwoofer (which I guess you can remove if desired) but then the rest of the space is taken up with the door actuators.
Yeah, you would have to be like me, willing to modify your tailgate and cut things to make it worthwhile for storage. The structure would be returned by making an aluminum insert cubby with a door on it.