Lr3 some errors, what else?


So I have a few errors I’m working through on my ‘08 LR3.

Background: I had some over heating issues which eventually led me to replace temp sensor and the thermostat. I should note that this entire unit had been replaced less than 9 months ago. Overheating issue was rectified and engine was running about 5-10 degrees cooler at 198 from what “old normal” (208) had been. But I was left with recurring P0116 and p0171 & p0174 lean codes. On the lean codes I had gotten p0171 at times but never both. Sometimes I have performance issues and sometimes check engine light. I now drive with gap tool spewing data trying to isolate the issue and clear codes constantly.

Next: I changed MAF and PCV valves and immediately lost the p0174 code never to return and I checked for vacuum leaks and refitted throttle body and air cleaner, ensuring as best as possible good seal. I change the air filter (OEM, not K&N) religiously and even clean out the throttle body maybe every other oil change. Fuel trims seem normal (bank 1 is consistently higher than 2) but both were in 8/6 range and have dropped slowly over time to 5/3.

I have had dash temp guage not move at times but my gap tool shows nothing odd for coolant temps.

Any thoughts on what to check next, have done a ton of research but running out of what to do next other than bring to my mechanic. I have gap tool and will analyze data if that what it takes? Should I clear Adaption Values since I added MAF? There is no separate reset for MAF for ‘08 LR3 like the earlier models

EDIT: 133k miles, spark plugs were changed within last few thousand miles, O2 sensor sensor are original

Thanks all ....
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I can't help you 100% but had the same issues a few months back. I replaced every sensor (MAP, MAF, etc. and PCV) since I was at 105k and the truck was not running too well. I was consistently getting lean bank codes, almost always when I was below 1/4 tank and under heavy load. The before mentioned 1/4 tank and heavy load condition was almost a guarantee for me to get these codes and although I can't say what exactly it was, I did get the same code post sensor swap and then planned to do O2 sensors as they were the last possible problem.

YES, clear your Adaptation Values because this is exactly what I did and have not had a code since. I am pretty sure my problem was the PCV and MAP (MAP is on the back of the manifold and not the easiest to replace but worth it) and I hope because it was so bad, I did not overpressure my heads for that long period of time I was running that dirty valve (I could literally hear it sucking for air and high pressures). Victory ran like crap as soon as I cleared the Adaptation Values but slowly came back to life and she runs really smooth now. Obviously the ECU's need to relearn the new sensors so it takes a bit for the values to come back on clean and new sensors.

I also took out my EGR and cleaned it, I used an oven cleaner on the metal parts (only metal parts) and it cleaned it up almost new looking and since a new EGR is quite pricey, I chose this route instead. All of these steps were relatively cheap since I figure at 105K, they should all be done sooner or later to keep the mechanical side of the engine running top notch. On that note, I have not done the O2 sensors just yet and do not plan to until I crawl under there for the skid plate design or until they fail.

Finally, I can't confirm this but I remember reading somewhere that the GAP Tool is NOT designed to be running full-time/long-term for live values in the vehicle and I believe you might find that in the manual or on the website. I could be wrong but double check this as you do not want to burn it up. Please correct me if I am wrong, but just wanted to offer that advice to double check.

Anything I can do to help, please let me know.


Thanks guys, appreciate the help. I’ll definitely check into MAP sensor and running adaptation values. I’m pretty sure I remember reading not to use GAP full time too. Engine runs awesome except when it doesn’t. I actually went all day without those codes which in 1st in weeks, maybe system is learning new sensor on its own.

Will let you ‘now how this turns out when solved

Thanks for help