LR3 Seats stopped working!

Okay, so here we go!

08 SE, no memory seats installed!

Both driver and passenger seats no longer work. The mirrors work and so does the lumbar pump in the driver seat. Both seats will not move in any direction.

No water or corrosion present in the door sills that I can see!

Checked the wiring diagrams and swapped out all the fuses with no apparent issues or changes. Checked the fuseable links under the hood as well with no apparent issues. Might just swap them just to be sure but thats a long shot.

Anyone have an suggestions? I did a CCF and code check and nothing is showing out of the ordinary on the GAP Tool.

Seats are stuck and I can't finish the sleeping platform dimensions until I get this sorted out. Again, no other problems anywhere related to mirrors, windows, door locks, etc.
Did you check the connectors at the front?
I mean yeah I checked them but the odds both seats failed at the same time is quite odd. I guess I need to pull up the floor and start shooting wires. Is there a relay of some sort that ties them both together that I’m not seeing on the wiring diagram? I’m going to aren’t to jump power to the seat tomorrow and see if I can make it move hot wired.

Bang on stuff with a hammer for sure
That’s the next step bro!
Oh and now my radio is not working unless I shut the truck off and back in and then it works a bit and shuts off. Lol

The plot thickens; when the radio drops off, I lose the mirrors too so that tells me its either in the body fuse panel or the main wire bundle down by the passenger door (potential ground problem).

More than likely, I am feeling like it has to be at the body fuse module or my body ECM is about to leave the party!

Any thoughts anyone?
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Honestly not really sure just yet. It's a new Odyssey but I do not have a battery gauge in just yet until I do the Traxide. Tomorrow morning I'll brew up the coffee and head out with the meter and start seeing what the charge volts are looking like. I would not be surprised if I had an alternator problem again....LOL
Intermittent wiring gremlins are the most fun to chase down. If your battery checks out OK. then check all your grounds. My friend had a laundry list of odd sensor problems on his 05, after chasing and checking things he starting back tracing all the circuits and found out the ground stud in the drivers front wheel well had sheared off, probably from the PO driving the truck on the bump stops with blown air suspension. A steel nutsert and a new bolt holding down the ground and all was right again.
Here is where I am at today. Since I obviously have the entire wiring out of the console for my project, I am assuming something may have started there with all of the moving around. I will pin to pin those later since I have a new development and feel my "ground" theory is evident.

I updated my GAP Tool this morning since it's been a while, loaded all of the files and then ran it up. The charge system is cherry, no issues and I confirm identical readings on the meter and GAP. The Odyssey battery is only a few months old and it appears that my alternator is charging as advertised.

I then put new tail-light/brake-light bulbs in since I was running LED just to be sure since LR are so sensitive to anything electrical. I then reflashed all of the ECU's to make sure I was on a fresh start. FYI, the Bluetooth took 36 minutes, what a wait that was and not sure why but anywho.

As soon as I opened up the GAP post BCM refresh, a code popped up in the BCM for the "Battery Saver Relay Output Circuit" which to my knowledge (please feel free to correct me) could be any short or open ground on the backside of the battery relay (the entire truck). I then got an HDC fault which dropped the suspension to the stops. It did clear just fine, but my fears for power/ground issues is gaining traction as you all have advised as well.

My next step will be to see if the relay is good or not and since I do not play with relays due to the fact that heat can decide whether it wants to work or not, I will just replace it once I figure out which one it is! I figure if a tail-light bulb can make the HDC fail, then a shorted relay or single ground should have no problem shutting down half the vehicle interior controls.

Keep the advice coming, it's greatly appreciated!