LR3: Routing wires & relay placement

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I posted this to DiscoWeb, but I'd like to see what traction it receives here...

I'm in the process of adding 4 aftermarket pod lights to my 2007 LR3's roof rack, and I'm trying to figure out where/how to route my wiring into the engine bay (presumably, down through the passenger outside A pillar), as well as where to get the wiring through the firewall and into the cab from the engine bay relays. Moreover, there is so little space in the engine bay that I'm wondering where to put the relays?

Any advice - including photos - would be appreciated!



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Assuming your auxiliary battery tray is still available, put your relays there (drivers side above the wheel well). To get inside the cab, there is a spare grommet under the primary wiring harness on the drivers side of the engine bay where it enters through the firewall, but it’s a real PIA to get to. Easier to simply poke through the grommet surrounding the steering column.


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I’d mount the relays on the outside of the aux battery compartment, in case you decide to install a second battery at some point.

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I used this product to get the wiring from the engine bay to the roof, instead of routing underneath the A pillar. It's a great solution if you don't want to mess with the A pillar. Link: KC Wire Hiding Strip

I used the PIA grommet that nwoods mentioned (just below and to the driver's side of the brake booster in the aux battery compartment) and, while it is a little bit of a pain, it's worth it to avoid the steering column, IMO.

I mounted the relays inside of the aux battery compartment. I also have an ARB air compressor in there with no plans to add a second battery.

For mounting switches I used the CARRS4X4 switch panel that mounts where the cigarette lighter is. Link: Carrs 4x4 Switch Panel


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I was also out of space as I have a second battery and ARB compressor under the hood. I designed a bracket to hold a rough country MLC-6 relay module. It attaches to the front wing frame? with two rivenuts and then another two points off of the ABS vacuum pump mount with some standoffs. Maybe it can be adapted for your relays? OnShape Link