Lr3 or GX 470???

Hey all,

Curious to get the opinions on the the lr3. I've been looking for a gx470 to replace my xterra for a few months and have been put off by the high prices for higher mile rigs. I've always liked the lr3 and have found a few in the 5 to 7k range that seem well maintained. Is it crazy to get a $5k British that's over 12 years old?


Well you open up Pandora’s box of answers here. My 2005 LR3 HSE has over 180k miles, and lots of them have been off-road all over the west. My goal each year is to keep my annual cost of repairs under $2500 per year, but some years have been painful. The LR3 is an infectious vehicle to own, especially for off-road versatility. It’s an ok soccer mom car too. You need to stay on top of the air suspension, control arm bushings, fluids all around, and over 120k the transmission. But good news, at 180k miles, it still doesn’t burn oil. Hard to find, but if you can track one down with the “heavy duty” package, it includes a rear locker. Look for wiring harness that goes to rear diff. I’m sure others will chime in...

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hey there!
I actually currently own both an LR3 and a GX470.

The GX is a 2004 with 145k miles, and the LR3 is a 2008 with 96k

Both are a joy to drive, both get awful gas mileage, but in the mornings when I'm reaching for keys, 9 times out of 10, I walk out my back door with the Rover key in hand. There's just something about driving a Rover...
I've had to do maintenance on both trucks, although the Rover was better kept than the GX when I acquired it. The Rover has gotten a new air compressor, new rear tailgate latch, I did a transmission filter and fluid service, new battery, and have replaced a wheel bearing. Other than that, I've just tinkered with it by adding accessories and tires, then I've taken it to the woods and sent it, over and over again. It's incredible off-road.

The GX on the other hand, I've had to replace the radiator, battery, both inner CV boots, seemingly every light bulb in the truck and a few other inconsequential little things. I feel like I have had to spend more money and time on fixing the Lexus than the Rover. This might not be accurate though, I don't really know. I do all my own work however, so it hasn't been too bad, and of course, the Lexus is 4 years older and had many more miles than the Rover when I bought it, so take it for what it's worth.

I don't think you can wrong on either vehicle, but if I could choose just one, I'd get rid of the GX in a heartbeat and keep my Rover.
The GX is a great second truck, and a good vehicle for my wife's primary that's easy to fix, and parts are readily available.

I'd skip the V6 LR3 and try to source a V8 also. I've never dealt with the V6, but I haven't heard great things. I can tell you that the 4.4 Ford/Jaguar V8 is a brilliant motor however. Smooth, powerful, reliable.. It's amazing.

Your mileage may vary though.... good luck either way!
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What JimBiram said. I know of a 2006 with over 350K. No slacking on service intervals. Control arms and air compressor only big deals for now.


I love my LR3! It's held up very well since I bought it in 2014 with 75k miles. Now at 110k.

Simple things, like sitting on the rear tailgate that folds down,timeless good looks, fold down 2 rows of seats that reveal a cavern of storage space! It's rugged and still pretty luxurious!