I have had nothing but great things to say about my '06 LR3. Yeah it’s had its issues starting with the alternator and battery going out at Hollister after about 8 trips through the mud bath. More recently it was listing to the side after I parked it. So Cole European replaced some ride height sensors to no avail. Then they replaced the compressor and that worked. They also discovered shavings in the rear diff when i had the fluids changed; I'm not too worried about that it feels fine to me. At the same time they replaced the transmission sleeve due to a leak. I didn’t notice a leak before.

Yesterday I noticed that when i started the LR up it had trouble starting like the battery was almost dead. I leave my fridge plugged in but it turns off when the car turns off and I've never had an issue before. So i started reading codes with my iid tool. Thankfully no engine, susp, trans or mechanical but a bunch of "lost connection" codes. No check engine lights have came on yet. Here is a list of some that i pulled

B1B02 ?
B1C57 ?
U0122- lost communication with vehicle dynamics control module
5A00-Unknown (it says unknown)
U0132- lost communication with ride level control module
U0300- internal control module software incompatibility

the first two I didn’t write down what it said was wrong but it had something to do with the ignition coils. The only issues that I've had ongoing for some time with it that I've never had addressed is the controls on the steering wheel sometimes get screwy. Like for instance the button to scan to the next radio station or skip tracks on a cd sometimes makes the volume go up. Or sometimes I can’t turn off the cruise control without stepping on the break.

so my question is, should i take it in to the shop and have it looked at or does anyone think that a connection might be loose somewhere, or maybe the gap tool is messing with it.( I leave it plugged in)
Keep in mind no check engine lights have came on yet and the steering wheel things has been happening since before I got the tool and for some years now. I got a HDC message this morning right after I turned the car on but that’s all that I have seen. ( I leave it plugged in)


If you have not already - I could not tell from your note - you might replace the battery. A weak battery can cause a lot of gremlins, then get your alternator checked. I have an 06 that needed a new alternator about six months ago so it might be time. Get the battery and alternator checked and you can figure out if either or both are going bad.

The switch on the steering wheel may be the clockspring inside - mine has the same issues - I can't turn the cruise control off without the brake and sometimes the radio gets screwy and raises the volume when im changing stations and vice versa - it's a take the steering wheel off and work on the insides job. I live with it for now.


Thanks, I took it in because the battery started dieing and autozone said the alternator was bad. the dealer said it was just the battery