LR3 ARB LINX or other systems


First off, has anyone worked with ARB's LINX module or installed one yet?

Winter is slowly creeping in and I figure it would be a good time to upgrade my current $50 remote light bar control system to something that actually works and can tidy up my current set up.
Current set up I am using 4 channels for various lights (2 forward facing light bars on own channels, Deer catchers/ditch lights, side work lights)

Thoughts on going that route? I do have a twin compressor and I do like the integration and features. The price is similar to other units on the market.
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I really like he look and idea of the Linx but do worry about its complexity. I will have front, back and possibly side lighs, front and rear ARB lockers and LED string lights but may keep it more analog like that other link above. I'm running old-school diesel and it only takes 2 wires to run thr Defender! The other 2 wires are for gauges.