Lr3 alternator & radiator question?

Just picked up a 2005 lr3 with a hundred 22000 miles and it needs a radiator and an alternator. I'm wondering if it's worth putting in a high output alternator for 239 bucks or whether the $140 OEM replacement is fine. I don't plan on doing anything crazier than a fridge and some lights and maybe maybe a winch? Also is there any reason to get anything above and OEM replacement for the radiator?
Oem is going to be just as expensive. Go with what your budget allows, and be real with yourself. Are your going to really do these upgrades? Also, I would consider taking the original failing alternator to a specialist and have them fix/mod it. The radiator is a non discussion, replace it asap along with the hoses and the thermostat housing. Belts and pulley's would be a good thing to check and replace while you're working on the radiator.
Agree with all above. I have two Ultima alternators, one in the truck and one as a spare in the back because the life of these is not what I experienced on the factory LR alternator. BUT, I can buy three of these for the price of one factory and it makes good sense for me to have a spare in the truck! On that note, I'm averaging about two years on the Ultimas with a lifetime warranty and I just swap them as I need to, take it out, put the new one in and return to Oreilly for the spare that rides along with me.


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LR3’s are VERY sensitive to voltage irregularities and/or low voltages. Your money is best spent on a high quality battery like an Interstate battery and a refurb OEM alternator
Hey Guys,


I ended up with a OEM denso for $189.

In the middle of the alternator swap and having a bear of a time getting the new one bolted back up. Ive got the connections reattached but I can't seem to get the bolts in with several hours of wiggling. Im fairly certain that I've got the positive lead and the clip connected correctly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Anyone in the Santa Cruz, CA area that might have some time to help would be a godsend....?

I got this Lr3 knowing that it needed a few things, alternator, driver door actuator, maybe a radiator and hoses and a full fluids change. Thought the alternator would be straight forward, but gezz. I've watched several videos and browsed the forums and everyone seems to think this is a 1-2 hour job....

I did this a few months ago and it was a four hour job for me. I'd say that once you get the terminal connection attached, just place the alternator back in its rough place. Then I put in the bolts with a little bit of jiggling to make them all fit. But once you get the first one you should be able to rotate and fiddle it around the various axis to get all three.
I GOT IT IN! It was probably more than that for me. I basically followed the tutorial from British Atlantic. I may have to do the radiator, would have been a bit easier to do both of them at the same time, but of well.

Next up its drivers side door actuator, oil, tranny pan oil, diffs and coolant when I do the radiator.