LR3/4 snorkel question


So I just put a light bar on my my rack and ran the wires down the passenger side A piller between the plastic trim and the body. But now the trim piece doesnt want to fit properly and it makes a ton of noise on the freeway. I was thinking about instead of drilling into the body and running the wires that way I could get a snorkel and run the wires through that and at the same time add some style to my rig. My concern is and I did a little research is that the snorkel would be just as noisey if not louder. Some people say that the Safari Snorkel is better but its loud and the Land Rover one isnt as good but its more areodynamic and more expensive. These posts were also a few years old. So my question is to people who put a snorkel on a LR3/4, is it loud and which one? I know theres a few companys out there making them now.


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I've only seen one, a safari snorkel . I've got a Mantec on my DI and it doesn't add wind noise or at least that I can tell from the axles, racks and XZL's. Cutting a hole in a LR3 wing would give me some pause.


Go for the Safari. It's water proof, the LR item is not. It's just a raised air intake.

I'm getting a Safari model in the next month or so, so if you still haven't got one, i can let you know how it goes.


Has anyone seen or tried the cheap Chinese ones? I know you usually get what you pay for, but could these be coming from the same factory as the Safari ones?



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We were talking about this at the shop today. I think I'm going to order one and put it on Eric's truck just to see how it goes

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Was this at me?
No, it was directed at OP. I don't follow the logic of installing a raised air intake just to route power to his lights and achieve "style". I don't think raised air intakes are bad at all but I've yet to see a solution that was designed to look as though it belongs on the LR4/3. Perhaps Mantec will step up to the plate and produce a steel part that and accompanying blanking plate that looks correct.


Then again, it's his $60k car, so he can fit whatever he likes to it... :)

I have no real need for one, however, it shall go with the look i have for my car so i shall buy one. Although, given how much i enjoy driving through deep water and seek out large puddles to splash though, ( when no people are walking at the pavements or if the splash would through spray onto other driving cars, cause it's bad manners and also breaking the law here ) i think it would be wise to get one. I don't fancy having to replace an engine in my car.


Don't expect the snorkel to actually help you wade any deeper than the factory depth... It may keep running without sucking water but your ecu's will be wet...

Dust, sure it should help with that.