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Lately I have become interested in the LR3/4 platform and I'm currently contemplating acquiring one in the future (honestly, several years away) as a DD/Family Hauler/Camping truck.

Thanks to sites like ExPo and people like nwoods, I have been able to start my research. nwoods recommend some other forums that he has listed on his site.

I've noticed on Forums like LRR and that there does not appear to be much day-to-day activity. I was just curious if this typical due to the fact the LR3/LR4 are relatively new and most people that currently own them are not enthusiasts, or if I'm missing a secret forum somewhere were everyone is hanging out. is an extremely active forum, but is obviously UK based. Is there a US equivalent?


It seems that there isn't one source where everyone hangs out. But instead they are spread across the ones you mentioned.

Just have to check them all every day it seems (LRR,, LandroverForums, LandRoversOnly).

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They still seem to be new to the outdoor crowd. Living in a big city, I don't see any LR3s or LR4s with mud on the tires or bikes on the back. However most of them have a cell phone hooked up to the bluetooth and a couple car seats in the back.

Seem like solid trucks. Actually I kinda want one. Would be awesome.


I love my LR3. Most of the info I've gotten to get me through some mods and such, have all come from good ol' Google. Thankfully, there has been a little more good info popping up on here lately. Just ask around, and someone will certainly give you their opinion.


Chuck - I think the interest or application of the LR3 - can be geographic. There are probably more LR3s and rovers sold in (southern) california than any other place in the country - hence, the probability of seeing more wheeled is magnified - some get wheeled pretty hard - in our local deserts and mountains here. It always sounds unusual -but perfectly true - that an LR3 owner from another part of the country isn't sure if others around also go off road. Check out the san diego land rover club and norcal land rover club - and of course, the southern california land rover club - you will at least be able to glean some information about the lr3 and the off road/overlanding clubs to help you make a good decision. You'll have fun with the rig - i do - it's a great, capable vehicle that can transport your family in comfort but can still take you off road.


I've been thinking of replacing the D2, and the short list is down to LR3 or Jeep Wrangler 4-door.

-Don't want a pickup.
-Want a reasonable small vehicle for driving and parking.
-Want better mileage.
-Must be able to tow my trailer (about 3000lbs, Fleetwood Evolution E2, with brake controller) adequately, several times a year
-Needs to carry as much gear inside as possible.
-Must be off-road capable.
-3-5 years used, reasonable price in the $20K neighborhood

The LR3 gets better mileage than the D2, but otherwise is similar. Should tow better than the Jeep.

The Jeep would be more "fun", probably somewhat less comfortable for long trips. I'd love to be able to remove the top, though. Should be cheaper to service.

In San Diego? This one is priced well, but who knows how it's been treated to need a new engine at 80K.


I've been thinking of replacing the D2, and the short list is down to LR3 or Jeep Wrangler 4-door.
Unless the Jeep is a Rubicon or has been upgraded with lockers, I don't see it as an even comparo. ;)

What pushed me to the LR3 over a Jeep was the extra comfort and utility of the LR3. The kids LOVE the rear A/C (and heated rear seats), and the 3rd row has really come in handy for scout trips. I like the driving position better than the Jeeps. The Jeep does have a TON of aftermarket stuff available, but the quality stuff isn't really any le$$ than LR3 aftermarket stuff.

I think as a few more years go by and more LR3s (and LR4s) reach 'real' folks - and the computer stuff is figured out - and the currently popular trucks get ancient - we will see the Rovers as one of the 'better' overlanding choices.


Unless the Jeep is a Rubicon or has been upgraded with lockers, I don't see it as an even comparo. ;)
Meh, for the sort of "wheeling" I do - mostly driving down dirt roads to find good camping places, exploring the occasional fire road, driving out to a hiking trail - I think either one would work fine; though I'd be more likely to spend money on modifying either. I think I'd get a sturdy roof rack in either case; I like to throw a pad and bag on the roof for sleeping under the stars, or be able to haul sheets of plywood.


I sold my 08 Rubicon Unlimited and bought an 08 LR3. The Rubi was fun and long as the transmission stayed intact. It didn't like towing my 1500lb trailer, so it was time to go another direction.


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I think the LR3/4 will do everything on the list except gas mileage. It will be better than a lifted Jeep, but not by much, though it does have a bigger tank and thus more range on longer offroad trips. One item listed was "small" and "parking". That's an area where the LR3/4 really shines. Though a cavernous interior and heavy beast, it turns on a dime and feels quite nimble, and has excellent visibility. It parks amazingly well even in congested lots.


Went from DII to LR3

We traded our Disco 2 in for an LR3 about 8 months ago and I have to say the LR3 is in another league in all categories. It has better power, feels bigger and certainly is in the rear seats. Creature comforts on the interior are laid out much better (IMO), it is much more reliable mechanically and leaks a hell of a lot less (no leaks at all with 70K).
As far as off road capability the terrain response does an amazing job. Traction control on the LR3 kicks in much less often (than my Disco II) with the terrain response working in the background. I'm not a hard core off roader (mine is stock) but we've done trails in Moab, Arizona, etc and it's made them all feel easy.


The LR3 will tow WAY BETTER than the Jeep and with ease comparitively speaking. Also I can manage 20 MPG with my LR3 if I drive correctly on the highway; keep in mind Oregon has a stupid low speed limit of 55 on all highways except the Interstate where we get the lightning fast speed of 65, occassionally...

I've looked at the JK's at length but ultimately we're getting an RV for those not so primitive camping trips and it was no contest when comparing towing abilities.

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