LR3 2nd Row Storage


Wondering if anyone has built a storage platform to replace the 2nd row seats?

Idea is to take out the 3rd row seats to create a "storage bin" that would be roughly the same height as the seats when they are folded down, then bolting a dog kennel on top of it.

For us the 2nd row seats havent been used since I got the truck and I would like to be able to get some of the heavier items down lower - ex. recovery gear etc.

*Note: only 2 people and a dog ride in the vehicle, if for some reason i had to "carry additional" they go on the rack :ROFLMAO:


I did not remove the 2nd row but did lower them to storage position and remove the middle seat to install my ARB fridge. I made storage boxes and installed a Front Runner drawer system after removing the 3rd row seats and together they blend to create a sleeping platform.
The boxes are topped with removable piece that is covered to match the FR drawer system and have straps to hold them down and double as a way to secure additional items like bags and pads.
There is ample room below the FR drawers for storage of seldom used items. I did not bolt down the rear most top piece of the FR system so as to be able to access the space when the drawers are fully extended, simply use the hole provided for the access to the spare tire winch to lift it.
I purchased a 4X tech rear bumper with swing away tire mount and used the space where the spare used to go to place 2 Nato petrol cans for a bit of extra fuel on long trips.
I have had some fun modifying the LR to travel and be sustaining for a week or more.


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If you can PM me your email I can send you some pics and a bit of explanation. It is not very complicated. Involves removing the plastic heat guard, a piece of 3/16 plate, two Unistrut hinges and some 2x2 lumber to hold the cans in place so they don't get loose. Oh yeah, some bolts and the stock winch cable that lifts the spare tire. I used the stock holes in the LR frame, only drilling and cutting is to the plate.
The photos will really explain it.