LR OEM Accessory: A-Frame Front Bumper Guard VPLAP0022


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Any of LR Forum members here know particularly why the OEM Accessory A-Frame Bumper guard (pictured below) and indicated as fitment for the 10-13 LR4 will not fit on the later 15-16 models? I suspect there may have been a bumper or grille change in place for the 15's-16's but I've not had an opportunity to visibly inspect both models side by side (or rather, front to front) and have not found any clear evidence of the change to the front end that resulted in the subject accessory not working for the later model. I'd really like to install one on the front of my newly acquired '16 LR4 HSE and suspect it may be something "doable".

Any sharing of knowledge on this subject will certainly be appreciated.



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What he said.

And I suspect it “not fitting” has more to do with added features like park distance control etc than physical mounting points.

But some 3M mounting tape would probably hold it in place.


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Sorry, lengthy answer/response...

Yeah, I realize that ⇈ but in terms of holding up over time I did have one on my '05 LR3 with the LR Driving Lamps mounted inside of the A-Frame Bumper Guard to which held up well during my 13 years of ownership (and continues to do so with the new owner, my brother). I'm wanting something on the front in lieu of mounting the new LR driving lights I purchased directly to the bumper but just can't seem to find an alternative other than to move into one the ARB® type HD front winch bumpers which I really don't need nor want to do.

Having researched it, I'm being told by a particular LR dealer/parts specialist that the reason the A-Frame (2010-2015) won't work on the '16 is due to interference with wiring looms that span horizontally across the front above the absorber and that (interestingly??) the brackets supplied with the A-Frame will not line up to the radiator support panel all of which seems odd to me considering the part#'s for the radiator support, cross member, and impact bar are all the same for the 2010-2013, 2014, and 2015-2016 LR4s, hence the only difference I can determine is that the actual bumper covers are different with respect to the upper edge/lip that integrated with the grille and lower headlamp corners as well as the grilles are different --- but -- since the LR A-Frame Bumper Guard brackets only bolt onto the impact bar (base brackets) and to the radiator support (top brackets) I'm beginning to think that the only "show stopper" is the curvature of the brackets themselves which may or may not clear the contours of the newer front bumper profile to which the brackets themselves could me modified to adapt to for use of the A-Frame on a 2016.

I've actually now got a new A-Frame from LR and am going to investigate the possibilities of making it work (cosmetically, I don' expect any significant issues given its basically finished full surround with the outer poly type encasement), so I'll just have to see how the brackets line up and possibly make some needed adjustments.

Lastly, I don't suspect there will be any interference with the parking sensors which are mounted into the face of the bumper as the subject A-Frame is actually designed to mount slightly above the bumper in front of the grille. Again, I guess I'll find out.

Thanks for your comments.
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