LP quick disconnect for Propex H2211


Anyone found a fitting to go from Propex to rubber hose with LP disconnect? I think it’s a 5/16 female to 1/4 LP female. I want to use LP quick disconnect from regulator to LP female.

The 20# propane tank will be on outside of trailer and I want a QD to connect for the gas line that runs to the Propex H2211 that’s mounted under the trailer




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These are what I use. It requires the valve to be closed to connect/disconnect.

A propane tank is high (300psi) pressure and the Propex is low (0.5psi) pressure so a 2 stage regulator is needed.

NEVER put a QD inside because O rings leak.

Hard ( 3/8"copper) pipe (not hose) the propane line from the Propex to the outside.

Use a combustible gas detector with the sensor at the lowest point gas may collect