Lower intake plenum ‘95 SR

Well, my Montero has been running like poo. So I thought I’d take it apart and I found this. Got it all back together and it is still running bad. After replacing the lower plenum with another used one, it didn’t seem to matter much. Think it’s deeper than I got more valve related(terrible valve-ticking happening). CB2AF2FF-35B4-496D-9197-5D064F54DFE7.jpeg


Looking for that thing i just had in my hand...
The rest of that butterfly is either stuck in the valve in the head not allowing it to close or it made it through and bent the valve or damaged the valve seat. Either way it cost you a head.


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My 96 was running the same way. The issue was my exhaust valves were not sealed well at all. Could be similar, due to the damage done by the broken piece.


At this point you might as well remove the entire intake, do a visual inspection, remove anything that shouldn't be there and if everything looks good, do a compression test, if everything comes back looking good put it back together without the butterfly valves... otherwise get the FSM and tear into it and find out how bad the damage is.


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I also would suggest you remove the lower intake and using a flashlight get a very good look at the intake valves.
I disconnected the vacuum hose from the butterfly actuator to make sure they never closed and therefore little chance they could fail.