Lost Hitch Keys!! And what the biggest spare tire?

Hey Guys,

How do I go about replacing my hithc keys? They are the black folding kind? Also, Ive got Continental Terrain Contacts A/T 265/60/r18, and would like to get a matching spare. Will it fit in the stock location?



You can get a new handle and key for the hitch. You have to knock out the drift pin and pull handle off.
KNW500020 - comes with new key.
Thaanks! Ordered one today for $45 from the dealership in Monterey Ca. Those guys have always had the best prices and been really easy to deal with.

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I fit 275/65R18 BFG Ko2 under my LR4. Quite a squeeze, 100% deflated tyre and some swearing to make it fit but it does fit. 265/60 is a bit smaller so it should fit fully inflated. If you carry an aircompressor or have on board air just deflate it a bit if it's tight.


265/65/18's for me, and I could get it in with compromise be/ deflation and brute force. I used to try to leave as much air as possible (approx 15 psi I recall). Since installing ARB compressor, I deflate more to make it easier.