looking for windows and doors


We are building an expedition camper on the back of a Stewart & Stevenson M1078. It will be a relatively small box of 12' x 8' x 8'.
The current plan is to build the box out of aluminum beams and sheet.

Can anyone share where to find windows and doors?

Also if anyone has built windows or doors from scratch I would love to see pictures and articles. I am willing to fabricate them if the commercial models are too pricey.


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I went glass windows, from Motion Windows. They will make any size you want.

I used a normal "RV" door, scratch and dent from ebay.

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i got the motion windows too - quality built, but they took about 2 months from order to delivery (they're up front with how long it will take). just fyi if you need something quickly.

there are lots on the auction site if you don't need a particular size - i went custom because i needed them thicker than usual (it's just the trim ring that's wider, not the actual window).

also... just in case... the screws they provide are square drive (hah, i was a little rushed and annoyed at how hard they were to screw in with a Philips .... durrrrrr...much easier when i checked in the light and saw they were square...:D)


I'm going to agree with Victorian. I've just installed 4 of the arctic tern windows and they are awesome. I've got pictures if you need them or go to my build link at bottom.