Looking for recommendations for a samsung tab a 10.1 car mount


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I plan on using a tab a 10.1 for mapping. Can anyone recommend a decent car mount? I'll most likely need to drill into the top of the dash of my old montero. No cup holders, suction is a option, but im not sure how well they will hold up. I do quite a bit of 4 wheeling so everything gets shaken quite a bit. I'm just looking for a good solid mount, and im not sure where to look.



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I can tell you what not to order. A have a Ram Mount Tab Tite and for some reason the mount is not quite in the center. So when rotated to horizontal view one side is longer from the center of the mount leaving it unbalanced and wanting to flop around at all speeds while driving. To be fair the Tab 10.1 has to be the heaviest tablet out there. Thing weighs more than my 17" laptop somehow. So it might be the Tab's fault a little bit too.



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I've got the older version of the Tab Tite for an 8" Tab 3 and it works fine for that smaller tablet but the Ram arm mount bounces some when off-road. Their ball mounts are great in applications without a lot of jarring movement such as on-road and even on boats, but the more parts you add or the longer it gets the more movement you'll get. The X-Grip series works OK for something small like a phone on a road bike or car but I wouldn't trust it in a high vibration use or with a larger device.

We used the pedestal mounts in our ambulances and they work OK, but you need to have a support up as close to the device as possible or you get movement; that was with a Toughbook on them though. I tried one in my Tacoma for a netbook and again, OK on road, worthless even on Forestry Service roads.

I'd look for something like the bar mount setup used in Jeeps and FJ Cruiser, they seem to be more secure.