Looking for new mount for RTT on to M416


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Before anyone jumps on me, I'm not sure this is an M416, it was modified when I got it.

I had bought some of the 'no weld' mounts and used some 1" box tube for cross bars and had made a quick and dirty mount for our Tepui. Here it is on the first day of our first real trip with it to the lost coast


We notice some bending of the no-weld supports. On the last day, two of the no-weld mounts totally failed. Punching a hole in the bottom of the Tepui.



So, we are abandoning the no-weld mounts and I'm looking for suggestions for a stouter solution to mount our tepui - and suggestions on repairing the hole in the bottom of the tepui.


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I’d at least recommend reach out to Scott at Compact Camping concepts for a no-weld refund or a replacement, which maybe you can sell.

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It's interesting that they sheared like that; I would like to see more photos of how you had your cross bars installed. I am assuming you had all the fasteners properly tightened.

I like the idea of possibly getting new ones from Scott. Those are actually pretty good units; wonder if there was a material defect in the pair you got. A lot of steel comes from China...

Bet if you had new ones and welded a small gusset under the bend it would be hell for stout and a simple one for one replacement.

Or maybe build a lid to secure you gear and mount the tent?

Pictures of the tent damage?

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We had two 3/8's bolts into all four mounts thoroughly tightened up. They were still tight when it failed. You could watch it move from side to side. We spent two long days on very, very bumpy roads, and the uprights worked like springs. Eventually it failed right at the only flex point there was, the first bolt hole.

It would take a huge brace to make these work. I was even afraid of them failing at the trailer, and I had a plate on the inside of the trailer distributor load - and they were deforming. But the cross bars were fine.



I guess I’m a little confused. From your picture it is hard to tell...

Were your crossbars the square steel tube, and the aluminum tent tracks bolted to those? Or were the tent tracks bolted directly to the brackets?


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Interesting, I would not have expected that failure.

I have seen several photos of trailers that have a tube rack in the trailer tub itself sort of like a ladder rack for a truck. It seems like you might need something along those lines. For the tent, how about a fiberglass patch?

Is everything okay with the suspension? trailer tires aired down when off road? Seems like you had a rough go of it on that trip!


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It was many hours of rough road and we probably didn't air down enough, but it didn't matter, the trailer was constantly getting toss around. I'm waiting to hear back from tepui on the proper way to patch it. I'm thinking spray foam, shaved flat, then aluminum tape over it. Should be good as new.


I’m also somewhat surprised they broke like that. A triangulation strap between the bars might help if you go back down that road, or welded gussets inside the support (but they aren’t really no-weld then)... I’d have to see it up close and hands on. My off the cuff guess is that your bolts rattled loose and then all bets on longevity are off.

As far as repair of the tent, I’m guessing you are on the right track with the foam. I would probablyrivet a cover plate versus a tape, but in either case, it doesn’t appear to be structural damage.