Looking for canvas zipper-top bags


I have several items from ATC and I find the quality very good. After watching the video of Drifta it appears that their items are also to be considered in a decision as to which one is worth the bucks. I have no holes in any pocket but do appreciate quality goods and at this point in my life spending money for quality is important as I have discarded many items from China that just don't pass the time test.
It doesn't matter where the bag is made textile fabric is still fabric. I even have an old navy tool bag (cotton canvas) that is over 40 years old still going strong. Maybe you have money burning holes in your pockets, go ahead and spend it wherever you want....
Bet the 40 year old cotton canvas Navy bag was made in the USA. No money to burn here, that is why I buy quality. Buy one time for a lifetime.

Bayou Boy

Those bags are 5x overpriced. Some of you guys are buying Prada overland bags. Haha.
You may be right.. they are still great bags.. I like the small ones.. the hanging shaving kit is great and the small shaving kit I use as packing cubes.. color coded..

Some canvas stinks.. I mean smells.. not sure why.. but it is a foul smell...

These have no smell...

The sweet non smell of prada... Haha

And made in Montana!

I'll check out the company you mentioned... What is their website?
I like nice bags too. I have plenty of Filson and Patagonia trunk jewelry. And I like them a lot. But for toughness, these bags built for schlepping around the oilfield can't be beat. Order a small one as a test. It'll be cheap enough that it won't matter. But I think you'll be impressed with the durability. It definitely won't have the detail those fancy bags have but it will last multiple lifetimes.