Looking for canvas zipper-top bags

those are cool! looked at the pics and couldn't figure out what it reminded me of... then I realized it looks like some of the shoe/sweater storage bags they sell for storing things under your bed at home. I did a quick search and found stuff like this:

but I bet a trip to container store or Bed Bath and Beyond would have just the ticket for ya. may have to add handles but may be something to consider.

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Nice find. Those might work

Here you go. Horrid website. Bags are tough as anything and can be totally custom. These guys have been building bags local to me for the oil industry where they throw them around like shot puts for decades. They will make you whatever you want.

Those look nice, but I'm specifically looking for the fully open-top zip


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I would check with Adventure Tool Company or Blue Ridge Overland gear and see what they can offer in terms of a custom bag.


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I'm basically looking for the DRIFTA equivalent in the US: https://www.drifta.com.au/product/clear-top-canvas-top-drawer-bag/

Has anyone found something like that? I realize Drifta ships to the US, and I may end up ordering from them... just seeing if there's any options here in the states.
Those are very similiar to some of the custom gear locker/foot locker bags/drawer system bags that we've produced for clients with unique storage needs.

We produce them in our signature waxed canvas or 1000D Cordura with either clear vinyl or mil-spec mesh lids/cover, YKK #10 zippers and the handles can be placed over the top or on the ends like a foot locker.

We had several of the extra bags at OE18 West this year as demos but they got snapped up.

Any of the textile gear companies mentioned can produce them for you or already have something similiar or shoot us an e-mail (please note, were 8-10 weeks out on custom gear. Thanks!) Good luck and be safe.
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ATC and BROG make fantastic gear and I own both. But don't hesitate to purchase Drifta. They make fantastic gear as well. I ordered some drawer bags two weeks ago and they arrived today. I've also bought the Drifta Oz tent bag, awesome bag way better than the factory Oz tent bags.

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It doesn't matter where the bag is made textile fabric is still fabric. I even have an old navy tool bag (cotton canvas) that is over 40 years old still going strong. Maybe you have money burning holes in your pockets, go ahead and spend it wherever you want....