Looking for bag and wide screen for Webber Q.......


I have an old Webber Q, the 1st generation of the small one. Its a great little grill the few times I need it, and I even added a custom temp gauge in it. It might be 15 years old by now, but I still like it when I just need to cook a few things or need more grill space.
I have the cover that goes over it, but looking for bag or case to store it in when its in my pickup bed that isn't covered.

There was a $40 Webber Duffle that was discontinued a while ago....



I have found that Drifta makes a cool bag and wind screen; I love their stuff and have bought some stuff from them, but this costs more than the grill itself when you include shipping from Australia....


Any ideas on a wind screen or case for the Webber Q?

I'd be glad to buy a Webber Duffle Bag if anyone has an extra.


In past months I too have sought a windscreen for my single burner stove. Winds can suddenly become an issue out here in the Great Mojave Desert. I believe I will search out some type of light weight material at my local Lowe’s and improvise one. I might even build one with hinges so as to make it easily stowable amongst my other gear.

I do however really like the quality of this windscreen. I can only imagine the import fees taxes so on in trying to get it here to the states.

Like you, I have not been able to find a windscreen either.
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