Looking for a used military or basic trailer


Where are you located?

How much work do you want to put into it?

Will a retired pop-up frame work? Or do you need something more rugged?

Good luck with your search!


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njtaco, at the moment I'm in northern NJ. Is the nj in njtaco for Jersey? If so, what exit? I expect to do some work on it. I want something that'll be able to haul stuff down dirt roads, etc. No hardcore stuff though.
Sorry, I lost track of this thread...

Check with local campgrounds for abandoned trailers...many have a salvage/storage lot where they keep the trailers that have been "left behind." Usually cheap or free.

JonS said:
If so, what exit?
Exit 44, or the Jimmy Leeds Road rest stop exit for Atlantic City/Pomona on the GSP.