Looking for a "survival rifle"


12 ga

Neostead NS-2000 bullpup 12ga x 3" Magnum (22" barrel) with dual 6 round magazine tubes - can use any 12ga shot or slug as welll as various non-lethal 12ga rounds such as 'screamers', rubber shot/slubs, bear bangers, beanbags, tear gas and flares.

Unfortunately only available in Canada - ATF banned it.


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I have but one rifle for survival and hunting and that is the .30-30 Winchester. Load it up with handloads from 110grain to 173grain and you can take any animal in North America...besides, a lever action is low key with light recoil making repeat shots easy. With my Marlin I've taken grouse (head shots) to moose using a 170 grain Hornady Flat Nose. Works just fine.