Looking for a Rock and Roll bed

I’m working hard on my 2003 E450 Red Cross ERV conversion and have begun to collect parts for the interior.

I think the best solution for my floor plan is a rock and roll seat/ bed. This way I can have the kids buckled in safely when driving and make a decent bed for overnight accommodations.

Issue is that in the US they are few and far between. Really think a lot of the couches that fold into beds are either ugly or not designed to be a passenger seat in a moving vehicle, or prohibitively expensive. I’ve searched and seen that people have removed sleepers out of conversion vans... I’d prefer a more modern looking solution.

Just looking for other suggestions... maybe a company I haven’t found?

Thank you!


I believe I have seen the hinges available on Amazon if you are looking to build a DIY solution.

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I have one sitting in my container that I would sell but shipping would be a PITA. If you are interested I could strip the foam off and see how much it could be shrunk down. A sort of reverse IKEA