Looking for a fridge in the 30q range


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I bought a new costway 30qt and its lasted great so far. Under $300. Unless you want to spend the money on an ARB or Dometic.


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I'm looking for a phased plasma rifle in the 40w range.

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)
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I've had the brand fridges but am starting to wonder if, like so many things now, they are all being made by the same Chinese company. Dometic and ARB are Chinese now. Engel is Thailand. If a fridge isn't asian by now, maybe the internals are all 90% the same. ? Most winches went this way long ago. Ramsey and some of Warn's stuff is US made, for now, but the rest, no matter how "American" the name is, is purely Chinese (ie Smittybilt lol).

I'm thinking of going Truckfridge since I don't believe $1000 is justified for a mid size fridge. They've been around for a long time (IndelB), sell massively to the 18 wheeler market, and seem to have about the same rep as anything else now. Dometic and ARB reviews are starting to look like the rest. Same goes for the fuel heaters. It used to be one of two German brands, now the Chinese "junk" seems to be getting about the same feedback, meaning not too bad overall. I guess it's starting to look like unless you are paying really big bucks, you are getting mostly the same product.
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I just went with a Truckfridge after about a month of research. $399 including everything for a 31q unit! Apparently Truckfridge/IndelB are not part of the rebranded China lots that are selling for even less. They have their own facility with much better quality control parameters.