Looking at Defender 130 TD5. Anyone here with experience/advice as to these?

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What about visibility out of front windscreen in Defender v. a Series. I am 6'3 and its a problem on the Series. I know they raised it on the Defender but anyone my size know if they increased it enough?
Six feet tall and my DD is a 109 and my wife's is a 110 and there is a big improvement in visibility with the Defender windscreen--even with the 110 having seat rail extensions that slightly raise the seat.


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Hmmm... I'm not sure about that. It is a newer engine than the 200/300, I'm not sure what people are getting out of those. People have certainly gotten 300k out of a 300TDi(I've personally seen 2 so far)

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I got 110s out the yang but I desperately, dpesperately want a 130 in the stable ... buy it and then sell it to me! :sombrero:

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Drove a puma 130 @ roaring fork land rover (Glenwood Spinngs) in sept. they have several. Wasn't that impressed with it, price wasn't too bad @ 80k.


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This is mine, used for DD and touring. Happy to answer any questions.

Td5 Vs Tdi fuel use differences are a redundant argument in my opinion and I drive both. The Td5 uses maybe a litre more per 100km, but you wont have to shift down to 2nd to get up a steep hill, top gear and accelerating will be more like it.

I picked the Td5 over the Tdi as I load the 130 up and need the extra torque it offers.