Longfield birfields and axles on TLC's


I am about to place an order for Longfield birfields and axles for my Landcruiser HZJ75 (Troop Carrier - 1993 model). As they do not know troopies in the US they are not quite sure which axle/birfield combination they should sell me.

As far as I can tell, my axles are the 30 spline variant, but I have no idea about the length. Are there any other TLC models (that are available in the US) that have the same axles/birfield as mine? Or can somebody give me exact dimensions of the axles... Longfield can make them to size.

Looking to replace both front and rear axles. Will the longfield flanges fit my rear hubs? Length of the axles?

I have searched around various sites but could not find the information I needed.

Thanks for any pointers!



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I think I'd start here


Put in your Vin, and find the parts you want to replace....

Then x-check 60-80-100 series US spec vehicles and see wether the part numbers match.

Or with the part numbers either check the manual for your truck/ ask toyota locally if they have a detailed description for that part number.

Idea..also, check the ARB catalogue for the part number for lockers, then
check to see if their part number matches another toyota vehicle.

Finally take the axles out and measure !

a day in the garage will cost less than re-shipping and re-ordering


Thanks for the link to that online EPC site. Didn't know it existed!

I will do a bit of cross-referencing indeed. It would still be nice to hear from someody with the same vehicle who has them fitted.


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I know I am digging up an old thread but I have some info to add that might help others in the future...
This is for a 1994 Landcruiser 75 series Troopcarrier 1HZ:
the birfields are the same as the 60 series but the axle diameter needs to be the same as the 80 series.
Bobby Long of Longfields is custom making me 30 spline axles and we simply measured my originals and he made it happen.
Since I am not a hard core wheeler I figure these will last me forever :)