Long term vehicle storage in Panama


During the summer we will be forced to put our travels on hold while we return to the states for a series of weddings. During this four month period we would like to find safe storage for our vehicle in Panama. Does anybody has information in regards to long term storage of their vehicle in Panama, prices, vehicle permit extension requirements etc...?



I received this info from Christian P. at Panama Passage

"no worries, that's easy. you can put your vehicle in storage in the government controlled area. they will suspend your permit and reactivate it when you return.
contact Marco at marco.pieren@gmx.ch he has all the details"

I'll post the details when I hear back from Marco.


More Info

This is what I heard back from Marco:

"Attached you can find some information about the place I stored my Land Rover Defender in Panama City for about 3 months. I paid USD 5.00 per day plus 7% tax. You get all the papers right there which you need to show to customs in Panama City to get a confirmation that you can leave Panama without your car (I had a note in my passport about temporary importing a car to Panama). This way, even if you fly out of the country, you don't get troubles when you come back. Make sure that when you come back you get a NEW temporary import permit and not (like me) an extension. The custom computer system can only deal with new permits, an extension doesn't exist and I had afterwards problems to ship the car back to Germany."

View attachment Trailmovil _ Crowley.pdf

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