loking for a storage in east Asisa


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hi everybody,
I don't know if it is the right place to put this message ?

do sombody knows wehere we can storage a land cruiser in a safe place in east asia like Cambodgia or Malaisia and how long we can let the car in maximum (with the autorities )
thank's for all reaply
my pivate mail: pibock@hotmail.com


For Thailand, suggest contacting Tim Brooks at siammotorworld dot com
Great 'one stop shop' resource to have and centrally located in the SE Asia region.


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from recent experience, it can depend on the border crossing.
Cambodia - carnet required at some borders (possibly only the northern crossing from Laos, but we had to use it there and friends were refused entry without it), so validity of carnet (officially NOT required). Visa usually 30 days.
Malaysia - carnet required. Validity of carnet.
We have crossed into Thailand twice (2014, 2016) and used our carnet - so theoretically allowed to stay for the validity of the carnet, as opposed to the normal 'duration of your visa'. They don't always know what it is, but prefer it to German documents as they can read it.
However, they refused to accept the carnet recently when we tried to ship out of Thailand, causing a very long afternoon trying to obtain their preferred 'simplified customs form' that they refused to issue us when we entered as they told us we wouldn't need it with a carnet...

For storage in Thailand, friends of ours are an English couple who drove from the UK to Thailand in 2014, and have nearly completed construction of a welcoming place for overland travellers (www.overlandersthailand.com) with safe parking, and will soon have facilities available.

Good luck.


Hi pibock,

My wife and I decided to build a purpose built Overlanders stop (overlandersthailand.com) in Thailand and it is due to open in the next 2 or 3 week, we would be very happy to accommodate your Land Cruiser in our secure parking area, Our overlander stop is next to our house just outside Pattaya and just 1 hour from Bangkok International Airport. I do have some details about foreign vehicles staying in Thailand as our truck has been here 18 months up to now,
We drove our Mercedes 814D from UK to Thailand in 2014 and that is when we got the idea of the Secure Overlanders Stop. We are both British and we live in Thailand most of the time. our web site for our 2014 trip is www.plodd.net

Hope we can be of help to you, the coordinates for our stop our

N12*56.585 E100*56.101 (Garmin)