Logan: a 2015 Tacoma DCSB Build


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Welcome! I've learned so much lurking the past three years that now I'm hoping to make some of my own contributions. More stories to come!

  • 2015 DCSB, TRD Off-Road 4x4
  • Current mileage: 36k
  • Single-owner, purchased new in the Summer of 2015
  • Build goal: get to, and serve as a basecamp for PNW activities (mostly climbing and fly-fishing)
  • More pictures on my Instagram!

Latest image: camping and climbing in Vantage, WA - April, 2018



  • Northstar Group 31m Primary Battery — Summer, 2017
  • Pelfreybilt Battery Cage— Summer, 2017
  • Switch Pro Power Tray— Summer, 2017

  • (3) National Luna Touch LED Bars — Summer, 2017

  • ARB BP-51 Suspension System— Spring, 2018
  • SPC Upper Control Arms — Spring, 2018
  • Wheeler’s Offroad Performance Rear Brake Lines — Spring, 2018
  • ECGS Clamshell Bushing — Spring, 2018

  • Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy — Summer, 2017
  • James Baroud Space XXL — Summer, 2017
  • ARB Elements Fridge/Freezer — Summer, 2017
  • KB Voodoo Bedside Cap System — Spring, 2017
    • Powder-coating redone by Seattle Powder Coat — Spring, 2017
  • Rago Fabrication Bed Channel stiffeners — Spring, 2017
  • Mobtown Offroad Tailgate Skin — Spring, 2017
  • TRD Pro Grille — Summer, 2015
  • Color-matched TRD Sport Grille Surround — Summer, 2015
  • Tint-matched front windows — Summer, 2015

  • OEM Audio+ Reference 450Q — Fall, 2015
  • Complete cab sound damping — Fall, 2015
  • Console Vault — Fall, 2015
  • Husky X-Act Contour Floor Liners — Summer, 2015

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Another Tacoma. How unique!
Why the Taco hate? I know there are a lot of builds, but they offer compromise for those of us that need the vehicle for more than just camping/adventuring (I will never use the "O" term 😉) They do lots well but nothing exceptionally well. Decent fuel mileage, not outstanding. Not that good of range either, but acceptable. Decent payload but not that great. Five seats, not the best for big families. Only locker on the Off road, but they still hold their own. Half decent departure angle, pretty good aproach angle, and dismal breakover.....oh wait, thats just my DCLB hahaha.

Not to hijack, but Im very curious what you drive and if it is a compromise at all.

To the OP, nice build. Loving the clean lines. Any armor planned, like skids or sliders? Would love to see what you go with.