Local Contacts (Colombia)


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Hola! I though I'd introduce myself and stop being a lurker.

I've finally got myself settled as a US Expat in Colombia, bouncing between Medellin & Pereira.

I used to own a Land Cruiser 100 before moving, or Sahara as it's called here.

And well... I've got the itch for another rig of some kind.

Would love to meet and exchange contact info with fellow overlanders down here.

Are there any good local groups or forums to join?

What vehicle do you own?


Hi... welcome to Colombia! There are many groups you can join. I FB you can find:
@RaidXtremo Motorsports
@toyota Colombia
@toyota Land Cruiser Colombia
@Toyoteros Colombia
@Salidas 4X4 Colombia
@Toyoteros De Colombia
@Off-Road Colombia

I live near Bogota and own a Land Cruiser 78 Series.
Happy Travels,
Roberto Laignelet


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Buenas Mi Gente jaja!!! I've been living part time myself in Colombia about 3-4 years in various parts. Anyways been looking to get into something down there as well. Ill be back in Feb-March time frame. hit me up on IG: j0seph9. ill be in a Colombia fotoball jersey . Dale Pues Parceros


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Hey man! I've been living in Medellin for 3 years now. Congrats on the move! We'll be here for about another year and then we're out on a long-term road trip. Whereabouts in Medellin are you? Unfortunately I don't know about any groups as I work all day and am kind of a hermit, but there's Medellin Gringo Society on FB, seems to be alright (although I don't really partake much).


Hey not much activity in this thread in a while :D. I'm not living in Colombia but thinking to make a trip and would like to make a contact. Anybody?