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I0GoPro tripod mounts and mounted one on the back of the Brodit mount. I then used various GoPro adhesive mounts in both vehicles. I can now slide the Brodit mount in the GoPro mount, just like the camera....
thanks for pics of Go Pro mounts..... What/which Brodit mount? Went to a Brodit website and they have ton enough of various things on their site to baffle my simple mind on what you did for your Tablet mount.
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The good thing with Brodit is, they have mounts for nearly every device on the market. I used this one to mount the tablet:



Specific to 2nd gen Tacomas. Tee slot nuts and knobs for additional bed rail attachment options...

Simple garage fab aluminum straps for light tiedown duty...

And easy to store tiedowns made from salvaged nylon webbing...



Some times things are so simple you ask your self, "why did it take me this long to think of this"? I lost a key piece of my factory jack on my 08 Dodge 2500. I ran into the issue when I went to lower the spare to switch it out for a full size one. Since I didn't have the tool to lower the spare anymore I had to improvise. I looked to see how the spare was lowered and a light bulb went off. Off to the corner of the garage to dig through the scrap metal. It took a few tries, mainly because I am slow and like to do things the hard way but I eventually found what I was looking for.

5/8" od, 1/2" id square tubing. It fits right over the end of the spare tire winch. I was expecting to scrap a socket by needing to weld it to the end, but as luck would have it a 1/2 extension slides right in as well.

Which means my 20v 1/4" drive impact adapts right up and now the tire will lift and lower a whole lot faster and easier.

I have since replaced the exhaust which routes in the same space as the spare so I had to remove it. But that made dead space perfect for this.

On board air system. And if you notice the rectangle next to the tank. The spare tire winch fits that which will allow me to lift it and hold it in place while I bolt it to the cross member.

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M37 3D Printed Cup holder



Old army trucks don't seem to have cup holders. When you go grab a burger for lunch there is literally nowhere to put the drink. And these old things are a double handful to drive. So, I made one that bolts to the steering column. It's 3D printed and handy as heck! When not holding drinks I toss my cellphone in it.

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That made me smile: "M37 3D Printed Cup holder"

There's just some much at odds with everything in that string of words!


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I got tired of my cigarette plug USB charger not maintaining contact and losing charging ability. So I got one of these:


I wanted it on an always hot circuit so I could charge something wth the ignition off if I had to. But the socket has a blue glow to it and because I don't drive it that much, I didn't want the constant draw. So I put a simple toggle switch on it.

I put two of those in my truck, they were super cheap off amazon. I absolutely loooove them!!!