I am NOT affiliated with this company!!!

So I would pass this tidbit along to the other gadget geeks on here. I was gifted a really cool solar powered LED by Nokero a couple years ago. We have used it as a flashlight and as a room light at home when power goes out. (It lights up a bedroom enought to safely navigate the dogs and such.) We'll probably get a few more and toss in the backpack in the future.

The model I have is this:

I break most everything and I have yet to break this. It can sit on the dash or hang outside a shelter to charge.

Again, I am NOT affiliated or making money, just sharing neato gadgets for folks to check out.



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That looks like a pretty cool light, thanks for sharing.
Likewise, I'm not affiliated with this company at all but have been using this product for a couple of years now.
One of the big advantages to the Luci light is how small it compresses to pack.


Shop I use to work for carried the nokero lights. They are a great product for the price. They did have some issues with the on/off switches failing (typically sticking on) with heavy use, but it wasn't very common.

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