Lifted Lexus LX470 // Forklift Flex Test - Super Deluxe Suspension Lift Kit!!


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#FlexTest on a Lexus LX470 that just received the Super Deluxe Icon Suspension Package / Lift Kit from - No, it's not a long travel kit...but that's still some LONG TRAVEL for this rig compared to stock!! Congrats on the new setup buddy, you're going to love it!! This kit arrives with ICON Shocks - Nitro Upper Control Arms - Torsion Bars - Diff Drop - & More! Read Below This Rig Was Already Running #NitroGear 4.88s - but you can find the same lift kit that's shown here on JustDifferentials website LINK BELOW Shop Suspension Packages: Features & Benefits: Bolt on Super Deluxe Suspension Kit includes: -Front Torsion bars, Med-heavy load (adjustable height) -Progressive Rear Coil Springs for comfort and increased load capacity (optional heavy load) -Powder-coated 20mm Diff Drop kit -Nitro extended travel Ball Joint Style Upper Control Arms (UCA's -Extended length Icon Vehicle Dynamics shocks, valved and spec'd spedifically for this suspension kit Choose stage: Stage I: 2.5" Diameter Internal Reservoir Front, 2.0" Diameter Internal Reservoir Rear Stage II: 2.5" Diameter Remote Reservoir Front & Rear Stage III: 2.5" Diameter Remote Reservoir Front & Rear, with *CDCV adjusters *The ICON CDC Valve is an externally adjustable valve that restricts oil flow into the reservoir which creates 10 levels of compression damping force ranges. Options/ Upgrades: -Front & Rear Timbren bump stops -Rear Adjustable upper Control arms -Billet Rear Adjustable lower control arms by ICON #Lexus #LX470 #Overland #4x4 #OLAF #SendIt #IconVehicleDynamics #LiftedLexus