Lid for off brand 10.25" cast iron skillet.


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So my cast iron cookware setup is on the cheap, or old but not ancient side. And I have no plans on taking it all with me until I get a MUCH bigger rig, but the cookware I have is...

Outdoor Gourmet 12" DEEP camp dutch oven. I have this in a bag, not sure Camp Chef maybe, with a plywood bottom I made to keep the legs from poking through. I keep my kitchen smalls in there and it is a wonderful tool to bake, or make soups and so on in camp. I have this and the DO lid lifter from them, easily 20 years old now. This goes with me.

Outdoor Gourmet double sided griddle / grill. Actually has lodge name and model cast into it, I just don't recall the details. This goes with me.

Outdoor Gourmet 10.25" cast iron skillet. Fits my Coleman stove perfectly, and works great. This is the skillet in question, no lid but I love this thing. Have not seen this model in store for years, but when I bought them, again it looks like a lodge, except no helper handle opposite from the long handle. Newer lodges seem to have that. HOWEVER I am not 100% certain of the size. Need to measure. This is another one that looks like it was based off of a Lodge casting, and if I remember right when I bought it in the early '00s it was labelled made in USA and has the teardrop handle that Lodge uses... It is POSSIBLE that this is actually a 9" skillet.

Ozark Trail 12" skillet. Other than the name cast into them, side by side at Wally World they look identical to the Lodge, Mold is probably based off a Lodge... The finish new was terrible, I literally took a wire wheel on a drill, and an orbital sander to it to smooth it out to make it usable, but it is just too big to use on the stove. This stays at home unless I am going with a group and will be cooking over a fire, or someone needs a big skillet in their motorhome.

Ozark Trail 5qt camp dutch oven. No bag, only used once so far, useful for when the other one is in use. Good to have for holiday feasts but typically stays home.

Ozark Trail I think it is a 2qt bean pot. It is literally just a little cast iron sauce pot. This was a gift to me and I have never used it, stays home...

But cast iron cookery inventory set aside, on to my question...

Anyone that cooks knows grease fires can spread super fast, and there are more than a few times we need to simmer something covered. But my pan has no cover. So I was wondering if anyone could give me a recommendation for a good lid that will fit this pan, given the fact I have no real clue what size it is, I figure some sort of universal lid would be in order... Just need to be able simmer covered, and snuff out grease fires quickly...


Thrift store and tape measure will be your friend here. Or cut a sheet metal circle and put a drawer handle on it. You might also get away with a bamboo cutting board circle.

I’ve also used larger pans with flat bottoms as lids for smaller pans in times of need.


I bought the Lodge 17" dual handle skillet for Christmas and needed a lid. I went to a restaurant supply store and looked around. They had none but said they could order one but if it doesn't fit, it's still mine. I said no way. I kept looking. Found 18" round serving trays, made from aluminum, fit perfectly, for $12. Stopped by Home Depot and bought a handle and put it on.
It is difficult sometimes to find a cover for large or odd sized pans. It is relatively easy to find them for 12" or less. I literally just did this today. Lol


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Silicone Universal Lid, I really like it:

Diameter is 10.75, so should be perfect.

Dishwasher safe. It is $59 bucks, but creates a seal and works on many smaller size pots and pans.

All-clad used to make Universal lids that were just a stainless-steel disk and had a riveted handle. This is probably something you could make, the problem is it tends to warp and not create a seal. So I would suggest a thick material.

America's Test Kitchen recommends Lodge tempered glass lid for the a 12" cast iron pan, I just looked at their site and they do have 10.25" version for $21.95.

If you don't want glass, Lodge also makes a 10.25" cast iron lid

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