Leveling LR3 with Air Suspension?


Curious if its possible to use the air suspenion and the GAP/ Faultmate tool to level the LR3 at each corner to make a perfecly level sleeping platform? One of my biggest annoyanices of sleeping in vehicles is that its often difficult to get things level. Seems like there might be a way?
Yes! I do this all the time. Gap makes it so easy. You need to enable build mode in RLM-Suspension under Service/Test. Then go to Test Values. You can control each corner individually. All I wish was for Gap to show a level on the screen. Otherwise you can throw a bubble level in the car.

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One thing to consider though with these older air suspension vehicles is that they will lose air and lower if you're not running the compressor to refill them. Weeks if you're lucky but my 2008 LR3 will slump over night and I'll wake up in the morning a little off kilter. I plan to rebuild the distribution selonoid block which should solve that problem. New o-ring kit is $35 bucks. There's a recent post on this forum with all the info on how to do that.

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Do you need to manually undo your changes to each corner before you exit build mode? Or will it return to normal when you exit that mode?
@Avslash, no you definitely don’t need to reset changes to each corner. I forget the sequence but I believe if you exit build mode it will return to normal. Also I think you can return to normal mode with the suspension height control lever on the console.

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I know this goes off topic but I agree 100% @benjaminjaninja on the sagging suspension. Keep in mind, just the overall temperature delta from warm bags from use to cooling and environment is going to cause the vehicle to sag some after use.....hence the auto leveling on startup and driving.

On that note, a leveling bubble would be pretty cool on GAP build mode or maybe GAP makes a "Camp Mode" and it does this with a quick button press and boom, we are level to the surface we park on.

I use leveling blocks and put the truck in Access Mode when I camp and the iPhone level on the dash. Rarely am I parked in a spot where I can't be in Access Mode but it keeps the bags from losing any height. There is very little pressure in the bags in Access Mode so it seems to work perfectly for overnight parking in my case.

Leveling takes about a minute and I am almost always near level. The last thing I want to do is mess with suspension heights on the GAP tool while on the trails, I tried this once and man, did I screw things up! hahaha

Here is the link to the EAS Valve Body rebuild and ordering info I did a while back! Pretty easy process!

EAS Valve Body Rebuild